Product quality is impossible without qualitative transformations

April 26

Being one of the leaders in the production of containerboard from recycled pulp, the Sukhonsky Cardboard and Paper Mill continues the continuous process of improving production technology. Having reached a high level of physical and mechanical properties of finished products and uniformity of the mass and humidity profile along the length and width of the web, in the first quarter of 2023, the efforts of all the services of the Mill were aimed at improving the appearance of products, reducing possible spontaneous breaks during processing of products.

For these purposes, the paper production shop No. 2 switched to a four-stage system of fine slot screening. Previously, fine screening, during which the smallest foreign inclusions are removed from the paper mass — remnants of adhesives, foam, pieces of white paper, was carried out in three stages with a slot size of 0.25 mm. The work in three stages with the deterioration of the quality of recycled pulp no longer met the standards of the time.

As part of the transition to four stages, the automatic control program of the line was significantly optimized, additional circuits were added to maintain the required flow of diluting water and screening waste. The size of the sieve slots at the first stage has been reduced to 0.22 mm, the consumption of screening waste has been increased to remove more contaminants. A further reduction in the size of the slots is planned for the future.

Inlet to screening Outlet of screened stock Disposable waste

A similar change in fine screening is planned in 2023 in the paper production shop No. 1.

Removing more sticky inclusions helps to improve the appearance of products, reduce breakage both in the production of paper and cardboard, and the processing of finished products into corrugated cardboard.

In the first quarter of 2023, trial batches of a new type of product for the mill — OBF Liner 1 cardboard with grammage of 200 g/m² were carried out. The physical and mechanical parameters stated in the technical specifications (SCT 3.5 kN/m, bursting resistance 540 kPa) have been achieved, the operation mode of the cardboard-making machine has been worked out.

Despite the high value of the average weight of cardboard, it was possible to achieve uniformity of the web profile in width: deviations of grammage from 2 to 4 g/m², humidity — up to 1.5%.

The profile was improved by the start-up of the humidity leveling system in the drying part of the paper machine and the installation of additional flushing sprays and passivation of drying screens.

We hope that consumers will appreciate the qualitative changes in our products and the desire for continuous improvement.

Source: Bumprom

108811, Moscow, Kyiv shosse, 22nd km, pos. Moskovsky, house ownership 4, building 1, block B, office 501B, 5th floor
108811, Moscow, Kyiv shosse, 22nd km, pos. Moskovsky, house ownership 4, building 1, block B, office 501B, 5th floor