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Fluting paper and testliner cardboard are waste cardboard base for corrugated packaging. Papers are available in several different sizes and weights dependent on your specific requirements. Made of 100% recycled fibers.

Topliner Cardboard is waste cardboard base for corrugated packaging with pulp addition.

Our sales volume of Fluting and Testliner is around 242,000 tons per year. Terms of delivery: FCA, DAP, CFR. Reel sizes range from 950 to 2800 mm. In agreement with the customer, it is possible to manufacture non-standard formats.






Technical Characteristics for Fluting Paper and Testliner Cardboard
Technical Specification in pdf
Sukhonsky Cardboard and Paper Mill, Vologda Region, 162135, Russia
Fluting Medium HP/ Medium: 80-140 g/m2 TC 17.12.34-004-90445912-2019
Testliner Liner HP/ Liner: 110-140 g/m2 TC 17.12.35-005-90445912-2019
Polotnyany Zavod Paper Manufacture, Kaluga Region, 249844, Russia
Fluting Medium HP/ Medium: 80-140 g/m2 TC17.12.34-009-37831859-2019
Testliner Liner HP/Liner: 110-140 g/m2 TC17.12.35-010-37831859-2019
Balakhna Cardboard Factory, Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606400, Russia
Fluting Medium HP/ Medium: 110-175 g/m2 TC17.12.34-004-38657398-2019
Testliner Liner HP/ Liner: 110-175 g/m2 TC17.12.35-005-38657398-2019



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