The Consolidated Paper Mills — is a group of pulp and paper-making companies. The group was founded in January 2003.

At the moment CPM includes:

  • The Consolidated Paper Mills Management Company, LLC
  • The Polotnyany Zavod Paper Manufacture, LLC
  • The Sukhon Cardboard and Paper Mill, LLC
  • The Balakhna Cardboard Factory, LLC
  • The "Format" Trading Firm, LLC

The core activity is production of container board which is a raw material  for corrugated packaging. CPM is among the three largest Russian companies that produce container board of waste paper. The CPM units also produce hardboard, bookbinding and box multi-layer cardboard, paper and paper products.

The company's revenue exceeded 6.7 billion rubles in 2015. CPM is in the top 30 largest Russian forest industry companies.



The Company Mission

We are setting the standard for high-tech container board, improving the consumer properties of corrugated packaging.



The Company Vision

By 2020 — a company in the top 10 of enterprises in the Russian wood, pulp and paper industry. The company that performs guaranteed delivery terms. The producer of container board with high physical and mechanical properties and excellent processability.


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